Monday, August 24, 2009

Project 0

Discussion Group Subscription

The first part of this project, due immediately, requires you to subscribe to the discussion group for this course. Keep in mind that you are responsible for being familiar with any information exchanged on this discussion group.

Linux Account Verification

The second part of this project, also due immediately, requires you to verify that your departmental Linux account works. (If you are a new student, you should have received email about your account.) This account is separate from your Loyola account and will allow you to use the lab machines as well as the server (we will use the CVS system for version control in conjunction with team-based development). If you have any problems with your Linux account, please contact our lab manager right away.

Group Formation

The last part of this project, due within about two weeks, requires you to form a project work group with other fellow students. The groups should be of size three. The groups should stay the same throughout the semester.
Once you have formed your group, please send me email containing a list of all group members with the user IDs for their departmental Unix accounts.
For each subsequent project, there will be one submission and consequently one grade per group.


There is no submission required for this project, other than sending the list of group members by email.

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